Add Some Citrusy Zest with Our NEW Afghan Dill Seed

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Add Some Citrusy Zest with Our NEW Afghan Dill Seed - Rumi Spice

What is Dill Seed?

Grown wild in the rugged outskirts of the Herat region in Afghanistan, Rumi's new whole dill seed is aromatic and citrusy, used to add brightness and zest to your favorite dishes.

Dill seeds can be used whole or crushed and added to sauces, dip or soups, or used as a vibrant, bright & citrusy seasoning on vegetables, meat or fish dishes. Dill seeds also make a great addition to a pickling brine, when making homemade pickles or your favorite pickled veggies.

Get Cooking with Dill Seed

Sheveed Polo (Dill Rice)

sour cream biscuits

Dill Seed Sour Cream Biscuits

Crunchy Dill Cucumber Salad

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We Cultivate Peace

By sourcing directly from farmers & foragers in Afghanistan, we catalyze sustainable rural economic development.

We Empower Women

The loyalty & support from our community provided job opportunities for 3,750 women in Afghanistan.

We Create Connection

We provide the highest-quality, spices that create connection to the Middle East, its food, and its people.

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