The Best Gifts Are Edible: Giftable Recipe Roundup

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The Best Gifts Are Edible: Giftable Recipe Roundup - Rumi Spice

In our opinion, the best gifts are edible gifts. Go a step beyond the traditional this year with homemade gifts that are sure to delight all your foodie friends. Read on for our list of favorite treats to bring to this year's holiday dinner, company potluck, or cookie swap. Or, just whip up a batch and treat yourself to something delicious this holiday season. You deserve it. 


Saffron Sweets

Adding saffron to your favorite baked goods is a foolproof way to elevate any sweet treat. 

Saffron & Coconut Macaroons

These delicious, soft, and nutty cookies bring together one of our favorite culinary combinations: saffron and coconut. Better yet, they only require 4 simple ingredients. Whip up a double (or even triple) batch and bring as gifts throughout the holiday season.

St. Lucia Saffron Buns

This Swedish Christmastime treat is slightly sweet and richly floral, with a bright yellow hue from the saffron-infused dough. Gift these with a jar of our premium saffron for the perfect holiday treat.

Saffron Jam

Who said making homemade jam is just for summertime? Whip up a wintery batch with seasonal fruit like oranges, pears, or persimmons and a pinch of our signature saffron, for a unique holiday gift. 

Festive Favorites

Garam Masala Gingerbread Cookies

The secret to the ultimate gingerbread cookies - a sprinkle of our rich and warming Garam Masala spice blend. This delicious recipe yields the most perfect cookies (in our opinion), slightly crispy around the edges and ultra-gooey inside. The best holiday dessert or edible gift to share with your loved ones.

3 Ingredient Baharat Donuts

The one thing everyone’s holiday season needs is some shortcuts, which is why these Baharat donuts always make their way into our menu rotation. Made with only 3 ingredients - canned biscuit dough, Baharat spice, and sugar. They’re so easy to make but taste as good as store-bought. Perfect for hostess gifts, festive breakfasts, holiday parties, and every day.

Homemade Speculoos

These crunchy, buttery, rich Belgian spice cookies are a perfect sweet treat for the holiday season. A pinch of our zesty and bold Herati Coriander, paired with sweet cinnamon and allspice, brings these classic cookies to the next level.

Sweet & Savory

Za’atar Pinwheel Rolls

Sweet, herbaceous, savory, and moist. These homemade Za’atar rolls belong in your holiday recipe lineup. Add them to your dinner party spread, or gift them to co-workers, neighbors, friends, or family. Just make sure to share the recipe (and hopefully a jar of Za’atar spice), they’ll be begging for more. 

Baharat Sweet & Spiced Granola

The perfect treat to make ahead for a delicious breakfast, snack, or holiday treat to share with family and friends. Pile it in a mason jar and tie it with a bow for a creative, delicious homemade gift.

Garam Masala Chocolate Bark

If you haven't tried adding spicy notes to your rich, dark chocolate, what are you waiting for? This hearty, flavor-packed chocolate bark includes a pinch of Rumi Garam Masala, adding some delightful savory notes to this traditional sweet treat.

Don’t forget to pair these sweet treats with premium spices, for the ultimate gift that keeps on giving!

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