5 Tips to Celebrate a Socially Distant Holiday Together

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5 Tips to Celebrate a Socially Distant Holiday Together - Rumi Spice


For many, the most wonderful time of the year will be less traditional and more socially distant. Fewer people plan to travel and get together with family and friends. For folks deciding to travel, it means going shorter distances to secluded and isolated destinations.

Even with these circumstances, holiday traditions can still continue and we can connect in new ways. We have learned to value our relationships and use technology to keep us connected in recent months. Here are five tips to help you connect with friends and family while celebrating a more socially distant holiday season:

TIP #1: Build anticipation with a daily Advent calendar reveal video call

Advent calendars are a great way to build anticipation for the big day. Countdown the days together with an advent calendar reveal video call with family and friends - this is especially fun with young children.

Each participant purchases (or you can gift) an advent calendar. These days you can find an Advent calendar for almost every imaginable interest or hobby. Here are several we like: Sugarfina (premium gummies), Kiehl's (skincare), Lego (toy), Vinebox (wine), and Charlotte Tilbury (beauty). You can also make your own - check out this guide.



Schedule a daily video call for the reveal. Keep in mind - little ones may not be able to contain themselves in anticipation of these daily gifts. During the video call, take turns opening the daily slot and sharing with friends and family.
TIP #2: Watch favorite holiday movies together - virtually
There's nothing more relaxing and comforting than wearing your most comfortable PJs and watching your favorite holiday movies together as a group. That does not have to end this year, because of Teleparty. This great add-on allows up to 50 people to watch movies through Netflix together. Plan out your next watch party with this list of 42 best Christmas movies on Netflix from Country Living.

Check out some of our great snack recipes for your next virtual movie watch party:

TIP #3: Strut down the runway with a virtual ugly Christmas sweater fashion show

We have been living through an ugly Christmas sweater renaissance, and social distancing will not end that any time soon. Continue this fun & irreverent holiday tradition with a virtual fashion show - just like Paris fashion week!

As the organizer, send out invites to each of your participants with rules, guidelines, and video call link. Each participant should focus not just on their sweaters but also on creating the optimal runaway and selecting the best walk music.

On the day of the fashion show, each model will execute their perfect runway walk while the rest of the participants score them from 1 to 10. At the end of the show, the model with the highest average score is crowned the winner.

TIP #4: Pass down holiday recipes with a virtual cooking session

The sounds of a bustling kitchen and the aromatic scents of freshly cooked foods are some of our earliest holiday memories. Many of us learned the traditions of cooking from family members during family get-togethers.

This year, continue this tradition with virtual cooking sessions. All you need is a phone or webcam. If you're using your phone, a simple tripod or stand will help keep the video directed onto you (and your kitchen!).


Here are several of our recipes perfect for a virtual holiday cooking session:

TIP #5: Send personalized ornaments & decorate Christmas trees together

Nothing kicks off the holiday season more than setting up the Christmas tree in the house. The tree is ever-present and a central reminder of the meaning of the holiday season.

Foster connections by creating and sending loved ones personalized ornaments and hosting a virtual tree decoration party.

There are many ways to do it, but this message in a bottle ornament is simple to make and conveys meaning to the recipient.


As the organizer, send each person a list of names & addresses for all the other participants. Each participant will create & mail one ornament for each person on the list. During the scheduled video call, each participant will take turns opening up each personalized ornament and hanging it on their tree. Not only does this bring everyone together this year, every year afterward, these ornaments will also remind you of how you still came together as friends & family in 2020.

We would love to hear about your own ideas on how you’re creating connection & community this social distant holiday season! Add them in the comments below. If you’ve enjoyed these tips, check back for our tips on how to support others during the 2020 holiday season.

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