Summer Grilling Recipes That Are Sure To Turn Up The Heat

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Summer Grilling Recipes That Are Sure To Turn Up The Heat - Rumi Spice

Move over, hot dogs and hamburgers. We’re turning up the heat on summer grilling with our bright & bold spices and blends. Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or making a quick dinner for the family, adding spice blends like Persian Gulf Baharat, Southwest Chili, Kabul Piquant Chicken, and Ethiopian Berbere can seriously level-up your favorite proteins and sides. Add a world of spice to your summer cookout with these Rumi-approved recipes for summer grilling.

Rumi Spice blends are versatile enough to use as a rub for steaks, lamb chops or to marinate chicken or seafood. Sprinkle blends over sides like fresh chickpea salads, grilled cauliflower or crispy potatoes for an extra spicy kick. Check out some of our favorite recipes below to try and get inspired! 

Rumi Spice Kabul Piquant Grilled Chicken Wings

A lighter take on wings that doesn’t sacrifice on bold, bright flavor. This classic dish is instantly elevated by the addition of our zesty and complex Kabul Piquant spice blend, complete with warming floral notes of signature Rumi saffron. Serve it up with a delicious, creamy herbed yogurt sauce, or tzatziki

Country Style Ribs with Rumi Spice Persian Gulf Baharat Blend

We love Persian Gulf Baharat as our “Middle Eastern Multitasker," pairing so well with both sweet and savory dishes. Combined with brown sugar and some high-quality olive oil, it’s a rub made in summer grilling heaven. 

Grilled Harissa Cauliflower Steaks

These grilled cauliflower steaks are so packed with flavor you won't even miss the meat. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, loaded with spicy, peppery notes from our Harissa spice blend. They can easily stand on their own as the star of your next cookout, or a perfect potluck side to share with family and friends. 

Baharat Chicken Thigh Kebabs

Don’t keep these chicken skewers to yourself (we know it might be tempting) - these Baharat chicken kebabs are perfect to prep ahead and grill up for a crowd.  So simple to make and loaded with so much flavor. Serve them up with grilled pita, fresh veggies, and your favorite Middle Eastern dips for a build-your-own pita sandwich bar.

Grilled Elotes with Rumi Spice Southwest Chili Spice Blend

This corn recipe is a hit on or off the cob. Rumi Southwest Chili Spice Blend adds a kick to this classic Mexican street food, along with crumbled cojita cheese to cool things down. Add peeled corn directly to the grill for a delicious charred exterior. Serve directly on the cob, or cut off for a fresh and flavorful corn salad.

Saffron Yogurt Dipping Sauce

A versatile dip for chips, wings, veggies and more, this Rumi Spice Saffron Yogurt Dip is a crowd pleaser. Simply bloom your Saffron in hot water and combine with tangy Greek yogurt, garlic, and lemon juice for a versatile dip you can share with friends (or keep in your fridge for a party of one).


The grill is a perfect reason to gather this summer, and we’re bringing a whole new realm of flavor for the best grilling season yet! Shop all of our favorite Rumi Spice blends and spices for grilling this summer below. Happy grilling, and happy (almost) summer! 

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