Fennel Seasoned Salt – Rumi Spice

Fennel Seasoned Salt

3.7 oz
Peppery & Vibrant

Whisk this peppery, vibrant and mildly sweet seasoned salt into olive oil for the perfect marinade for pork, lamb, or hearty white fish dishes. Use to season fresh vegetables before roasting, or as a flavor-boosting finishing salt on fresh salads (we particularly love our fennel salt paired with fresh summer tomatoes or roasted beets). 

Sea Salt, Rumi Fennel, Black Pepper

Tomatoes, lamb, pork, white fish, beets, citrus

All of our spices and seasonings are salt-free and packaged by hand to ensure maximum quality and freshness. Packaged in glass - BPA free.

Sustainable Sourcing

With hot, dry winds over semi-arid lands, Afghanistan’s growing region is ideal for growing artisanal spices.

Highest Quality

By opening Afghanistan's markets and creating direct trade, we can help build livelihoods for the women and farmers of this region.

Freshness Guaranteed

All of our spices and seasonings are
salt-free and packaged by hand to ensure maximum quality and freshness.

Tips & Usage

Makes a great marinade when whisked into olive oil for roasted lamb, white fish or pork dishes. Use to season your favorite roasted vegetables, like hearty root veggies, or as a finishing salt of fresh summer tomatoes or chopped salads.

Fennel Salt Crusted Steak with Fennel Herbed Butter

Fold some of our bright Fennel Seasoned Salt into butter for the perfect topping for this fennel-crusted steak. The bright saltiness helps cut through the fattiness of the meat resulting in the most tender and flavorful steak you've ever tasted.


OUR Sourcing

Grown in the rugged outskirts of Afghanistan’s Herat region, local foragers carefully and meticulously gather Rumi Spice’s Wild Foraged Fennel during the summer harvest. Originally native to the Mediterranean, Fennel is a staple in multiple global cuisines due to its slightly sweet profile, rich anise notes, and complex versatility. Rumi Spice’s Fennel can be enjoyed in homemade sausage or our ever-popular Fen & Tonic cocktail, an extra-floral spin on the classic gin & tonic.

All Rumi Spices are sourced directly from our partnered farmers, bringing the best, freshest spices from the seasonal harvest to your kitchens.