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Discover This Rumi-Approved Viral TikTok Recipe, Plus More Of Our Favorite Dips To Enjoy Anytime

Flavorful dips are on the rise, with popular TikTok and internet stars raving over their new favorite way to enjoy snack time (or even a full-fledged meal). Discover these Rumi-approved dip recipes you can enjoy any time.

Press Release: Rumi Spice Partners With Dr. Melina, Author of Spice Up, Live Long

Rumi is excited to partner with Dr. Melina Jampolis to share her expertise on the long-term health benefits of adding spices like Rumi Black Cumin to your diet.  We’ll be sharing a Rumi-approved recipe as a part of Dr. Melina’s new book, as well as some of her best insights into how Rumi Spices can impact your health and wellness.

What Does Saffron Taste Like? Breaking Down The Scent, Flavor & Usage Of Our Favorite Golden Threads

What does saffron taste like? Rumi Spice saffron offers high-quality threads sure to inspire and elevate your favorite recipes and kitchen experiments. We’re breaking down the flavor profile of our Afghan Saffron to give you a fuller picture of these golden threads.

The Rumi Spice Coriander Feature: How To Add Citrusy Coriander To Your Favorite Recipes

Coriander adds a citrusy, warming quality to any dish. Welcome to our official roundup on coriander- we’re breaking down the flavor profile, how and when to use, plus a few of our favorite recipes for adding Rumi Spice Herati Coriander to your next meal.

Become a Saffron Expert With Our Rumi Spice Guide To Cooking With Saffron

Using saffron at home can be as easy as using any other spice in your cabinet, and with a few key tricks, you can maximize its unique flavor. We’re diving into blooming, grinding, and cooking with Rumi Spice saffron threads.

Spice Up Your Cart This Prime Day With Rumi Spice and Amazon Support Small

Rumi Spice is excited to be a part of Amazon Prime Day and Amazon’s Support Small Program to bring you our favorite Rumi products with exclusive Prime shipping. Learn how to Support Small and get the most out of Amazon Prime Day 2021 with Rumi.

Make Your Own Falafel With This Recipe for International Falafel Day

Happy International Falafel Day! We’re celebrating this fluffy, crispy and flavorful food by sharing an easy falafel recipe that you can make at home with Rumi spices.

The Rumi Spice Fennel Feature: How To Use Our Favorite Flavorful Seed

We’re wild for Rumi Spice Wild Foraged Fennel! To celebrate this special seed, we’re giving you the official rundown on fennel: what it is, how to use it, plus some of our favorite recipes for adding fennel flavor to your favorite dishes.

[Press Release] Rumi Spice Releases New Whole Seed Spices to Further Mission of Using Spice as a Force for Good

Rumi Spice, a spice company ethically sourcing flavorful and socially responsible spices from Afghanistan, has expanded its product offerings with the addition of three new whole seed spices: Wild Black Cumin, Herati Coriander, and Wild Foraged Fennel. Learn more about whole spices and our mission now!

Spice Up Your Summer Shindig With A Cumin Spiced Cocktail

Incorporate your favorite spices like cumin into your summer cocktail rotation for a warm, earthy surprise. We’re rounding up some of our best recipes and tips for using Rumi Spice Wild Black cumin at your next happy hour or backyard bash.

Using Whole Spices: How To Toast, Grind, and Amp Up Your Favorite Recipes with Rumi Whole Spices

If you’re looking to get the most out of your spice cabinet, whole spices are your best bet for capitalizing on fresh flavor. Our guide to using whole seeds and spices will change the way you bake, braise, and shake up your favorite cocktails.

We’ve Got The Tea: This Drink Made From Fennel Seeds May Help Boost Your Immune Response

A flavorful life can also be your healthiest, which is why we’re rounding up some of the tried (and tested!) benefits of fennel seeds, and a few ways you can incorporate them into your healthy lifestyle routine.

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