5 Tips for Delicious, Healthy Eating

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5 Tips for Delicious, Healthy Eating - Rumi Spice

Reach your New Years wellness goals without making any major sacrifices with these 5 easy tips on eating healthier. From stocking up on healthy snacks, adding big flavor with bold spices, and opting for leaner protein choices, we're here to show you how delicious, and easy, healthy eating can be. 

5 Tips for Eating Healthier at Home

1. Limit processed foods

Our favorite way to resist over-indulging in processed foods is by making sure we have healthy snacks on hand. Some of our favorite healthy snacks include baby carrots, hummus, popcorn, nuts, dried fruit, dark chocolate, and hard boiled eggs. 

We also love whipping up a few healthy snacks at the beginning of the week to make sure we never get bored with our snacking options. 


This easy, ultra-creamy homemade hummus usually makes it into our weekly snack rotation. We love enjoying it with whole-grain pita and fresh veggies, or alongside grilled meat or vegetables with lunch or dinner. It’s easy to make and much healthier than most store-bought options.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Transform your boring hard-boiled eggs into healthy, flavor-packed deviled eggs by mixing the yolks with Greek yogurt (rather than mayo) and seasoning with a pinch of your favorite spice blend. Our favorites include Southwest Chili, Paella and Afghan Curry
Dark Chocolate Bark 
One way to bring a few of our favorite healthy snacks together is by making loaded chocolate bark, full of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, protein-packed nuts, and dried fruit. It’s fun to make and easy to customize with whatever you have on hand. We love add a savory kick to these rich flavors by topping with a pinch of one of our spice blends. Try out this sweet & savory Garam Masala chocolate bark, loaded with nuts and dried fruit. It makes the perfect sweet treat after dinner or pick-me-up during the day. 

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables 

This one is often easier said than done. Everyone knows they should eat more fruits and vegetables, but these foods are generally less convenient options for snacking and many feel like meat is both easier to prepare and a more filling option for mealtime. 

With these recipes for meatless mains, we can guarantee your family wont be missing the meat: 

Or, try sneaking more vegetables in to your favorite soups, stews, and curries. This is an easy way to add more texture, flavor, and of course nutrients into your cozy wintertime meals. 

Did you know, you can sort our entire recipe database by "Vegetarian" recipes? Check out all our vegetarian recipes here

3. Cut down on the salt 

One easy, and delicious, way to eat less salt is by seasoning your food with flavorful spices and herbs. Since herbs & spices are loaded with so much natural flavor, adding them to your meals makes it easier to cut back on less healthy ingredients like salt, sugar and other added fats, which are found in most store-bought sauces.

Better yet, many spices and herbs have health benefits of their own. Some of the healthiest spices include: 

  • Chili Peppers – metabolism boosting
  • Cinnamon – helps with inflammation and fights bacteria
  • Cumin – naturally rich in iron and plays a role in weight loss
  • Ginger – aids in digestion and loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants
  • Turmeric – reduces inflammation
  • Garlic – heart-healthy and helps with high cholesterol and high blood pressure 

Did you know, all of our spice blend are entirely salt free, providing maximum flavor without any sodium. But please note, we don't recommend omitting salt completely (unless instructed by your doctor). A pinch of salt greatly helps in bringing out the natural flavors in our spices, and in all foods. 

4. Choose foods with healthy fats 

Some of our go-to healthy fats include avocados, cheese, dark chocolate, eggs, salmon, nuts, and Greek yogurt. Check out a few of our favorite recipes that highlight these healthy fats. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with fat when it’s a healthy source of fat.

5. Pay attention to your protein choices 

Protein is extremely important when eating healthy as it boosts your metabolism and helps keep you full. But with protein, like fats, not all sources are created equal. When trying to eat healthier at home, opt for some of these healthier, leaner sources of protein:

  • White Meat Poultry - White meat poultry like chicken breast and turkey are excellent sources of lean protein. For an easy weeknight meal, mix up a simple marinade of olive oil + your favorite spice + a pinch of salt and use as a marinade on chicken breasts. Grill, or roast in the oven, and serve with healthy grains and roasted vegetables. 
  • White Fish – Lean, fatty white fish is both an excellent source of protein and healthy fats. Don't miss out our favorite fish dish: Fennel Mahi Mahi with Tomatoes and Leeks. Elegant enough for a dinner party yet easy enough for a weeknight meal. 
  • Eggs – Shakshuka, omelettes, scrambled eggs, and frittatas are easy to make for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner and are loaded with protein and healthy fats. The easiest way to elevate a simple egg dish is by adding in an array of colorful veggies and seasoning with a bold, flavor-packed spice blend. Experiment with your own combinations, or try this Harissa Shakshuka or this Southwest Chili Veggie Frittata

One thing we've learned about eating healthy - if it's not easy and delicious, the habit likely won't stick. So make sure to start small with a few simple changes - new protein choices, less processed snacks, or sneaking in more veggies. You'll quickly see just how delicious these better-for-you options can be.

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