Brine, Rub and Whisk with Our New Seasoned Salts

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Brine, Rub and Whisk with Our New Seasoned Salts - Rumi Spice

Want to ‘wow’ your dinner guests without spending all day in the kitchen? Looking for some easy hacks for your next summer grill-out? Craving that perfect salty, crunchy finish on your favorite dishes? We've got you covered! 

Our new Seasoned Salts are just the thing to enhance your festive summer spreads, simple weeknight meals, and everything in between. From grilled meat to simple salads, to cocktails or mocktails to round out the meal - read on for a few of our favorite ways to use our newest bold seasonings.

Brining or Marinating: 

For the most deeply seasoned meat, try a wet brine. Dissolve your seasoned salt into hot water (we recommend 1 Tbsp of seasoned salt to every 1 cup of water), and immerse your meat in the cooled salt water bath. We recommend this method for dryer, leaner meats like pork, chicken, or turkey. Remove the meat, let dry completely then cook however you’d like - slow-roasted in the oven, grilled, or even fried.

For a more simple approach, whisk your seasoned salt into olive oil and use a marinade for your favorite proteins. Maximum flavor, minimal effort.

Dry Rub your Meat

For an extra savory, crispy crust on all your grilled favorites, try a seasoned salt dry rub. Start with a drizzle of oil to ensure the salt sticks, then simply coat the meat in a generous layer of your seasoned salt of choice. This works well for fattier cuts of meat like beef, lamb, or salmon. Some winning combinations include:

Lamb Chops + Cumin Salt
Salmon + Lemon Dill Seed Salt 
Ribeye + Wild Fennel Salt


Dress up your Dressings

Substituting kosher salts with seasoned salt in a simple vinaigrette is the perfect way to add an unexpected twist to any summer side. Drizzle yours over a leafy green or hearty grain salad, or even use it as a sauce on roasted veggies or grilled fish. Just be sure to make an extra batch and keep this stuff on hand at all times. 

Rim your Beverages 

Impress your dinner guests by rimming your cocktails or mocktails with a seasoned salted, or salt + sugar rim for a refreshingly sweet and savory treat. The rich salty flavors and delightful pop of texture are the perfect way to start (or end) any meal. Some of our favorite combinations are: 

Cumin Salted Rimmed Margarita
Lemon Dill Seed Salt Rimmed Michelada (or Bloody Mary)
Saffron Salt + Sugar Rimmed Lemonade
Fennel Salt + Sugar Rimmed Paloma


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